Thursday, December 14, 2006

Collage: "Come to me"

Come to me
for I wait
not and your leisure

cannot glean hope
from me that I
will be as you would

mine is the ice and the thaw
and the frozen lake
where the birds huddle
out of reach and mine is
the brawny river waking
to free its ice-bound sinews

all Bounty is mine to give
or repeal; will you take

the wild fish? the vaulting
magnetic scintillating creature
you so desire?
i care not

you are a ghost a
reflection in my face
a spark's flight soon
out of memory

but you will never forget me

you will never forget my
mornings and you will never forget
the fall filled with fire or
my baleful
red sunrise

Come to me then
and follow your gaze
into the deep green
of my eyes

and over lake
scapes beyond the reach
of your touch

for verily I
am within you I am
your beacon
I am your toil and your
resting place and I
am what you seek in
your solitary flight; but
which you will rarely
find and which you
will love
and lose, always.

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