Monday, August 27, 2007

First Boot (Booted)

There was one touch, a missed connection that came later, a nerve rattling taunt from the dark waters; but before that, there was one fine take that felt like a clump of weeds at first. There was a half-hearted head-shake or two, and it came in like wood. But the thing must have realised that something wasn’t right. It turned toward the horizon and sped off, a salmon or a submarine. It was hard to tell in the dark whether I was running out of line or not… I lost the game of chicken… tightened the drag… then a single strand of silk is willowing out in the waves; had to reel it in like an empty net, the lost glow spoon a fool’s offering easily paid for a warm night starlit, hazy with a red, setting moon over the ever clattering waves.


Monday, August 06, 2007

More on patching

It's been a very busy summer of commuting and twins-raising for me, so I can't offer any significant or action-packed news of the angling variety. My sons are 19 months old now and getting big, which is not helping my lower back; although I can't remember my deltoids ever being in better shape. That's definitely because both of my boys love being pitched in the air, or jumping on "Papa" from up stairs. Kids that age tend to be rather persistent, so I get lots of repititions! Laura and I have been busy trying to organise and get funding for all the therapy that Isaac will require, and this represents quite honestly the largest part of our worries and our time.

So it was very much to let off a little steam that I turned my brain back to fishing, and some of the mini chores I left unfinished last spring. The salmon will be in soon, if they have not already buzzed some of the local piers, and my waders are still in need of repair. I can't even think of getting out on local rivers before I do a little fixin' up.

My last entry dealt with McNett's "Tenacious Tape." I also mentioned that McNett has a good deal more to offer when it comes to stopping leaks - for example, they manufacture Aquaseal, which is a staple for all those who put their waders through hell. As well, they make Gore-Tex patches that have an adhesive on the back and which can be used as a more effective, if much more localised, repair tool than Tenacious Tape.

Much to my surprise and satisfaction, I found out through regular internet google snooping, that Mountain Equipment Co-op sells a wide array of McNett products. MEC is a canadian outdoors company, specialising mostly in hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking gear - so they don't sell waders, for example. There's a big franchise location in downtown Toronto, on King Street West, and a membership (free) is required to purchase their stuff. I personally love MEC. It is a bit more costly than your regular outdoors store, but the equipment they sell is top notch; I've got a 13 year old Gore-Tex coat that's still kicking around, and which has seen and continues to see, its fair share of November days on the water. I fervently hope that they will someday make waders and wading jackets. Anyway, when you order stuff online from them, as I did just recently, it is delivered very quickly. My parcel was at my door in less than 3 business days.

What was in the parcel? All of the above, really, except the Gore-Tex coat - I'll have to wait before I get myself a new one of those! I will apply it all where I think it's needed and report, after a couple of fishing trips. Stay tuned!