Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mystery Post X

Well, after having worked my posterior extremities to the max for several hours the other evening, only to see the effort completely wasted by some apparent glitch in the Blogger apparatus, I have two things to say.

One - keep the old template if you still have it. That one seemed to work. At least, it never tried to perform literary sodomy on me in any form that I could recognize. Therefore, it is probably more reliable.

Two - use Word, or LibreOffice, or Notepad, or an actual notepad rather than this space to prepare anything. It is totally unreliable. 

Disappearing posts are not fun, especially when they were getting long, and still in the creation stage. This really sucks. I'm completely and utterly disappointed and enraged.

Don't be surprised if this entire space gets moved in the very near future!!!!!!!!!!!
...not to mention the fact that I have to edit the HTML in order to prevent this idiot thing from entering double spacing between each paragraph, so that any potential reader eventually needs to use stilts in order to get from paragraph to long-distance paragraph.
If it acts like le caca, then thus must it be!


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